The 2017 BlackBerryPeach Prizes for Poetry (BBP3): Spoken and Heard
National Federation Of State Poetry Societies, Inc.

2017 Press Release/Winners'

CASH PRIZES: First Place: $1000.00 Second Place: $500.00 Third place $250.00
Each winner will also receive 25 complimentary copies of the chapbook to give family or friends, or to sell while they are at the convention.

The BlackBerry Peach Awards are a new, beginning in 2017, major NFSPS competition that challenges poets to present their original poetry in print and spoken word for substantial cash prizes and the opportunity to speak and be heard at the national level.


Literary Standards:

While we honor your First Amendment right of free speech, be aware that any profanity used must be necessary to the literary integrity of the poem. Our judge will view the gratuitous
use of profanity as a crutch for shoddy craftsmanship or as a cliché that has lost its shock value.

The NFSPS will not give prizes for, nor publish, work that perpetuates derogatory stereotypes. Nor will it accept work that is obscene, prurient or sexually graphic, hate-mongering,
or abusive of any social, racial, ethnic, religious, or gender group. The winner of this first contest will set the bar, so bring your A game.


Submissions will be accepted between 1 January and 15 March 2017 using the online system, which will be accessible only during that time.

Entry fee and payments:

The submission fee is $10 for NFSPS members, $15 for nonmembers. Members of state poetry societies affiliated with NFSPS are members. Click here State Poetry Societies to see
 if your organization is an NFSPS affiliate. Pay at with a credit card or PayPal.

Submission Guidelines:

Online Submissions Only.


All entries will be reviewed for compliance with guidelines and overall quality by the competition committee. Approximately 100 entries will be sent, without identification or acknowledgments,
to an independent judge, who will remain anonymous until the results are announced. Results are final.


A video of the winning performance will be posted on YouTube. The NFSPS website will post a link to the YouTube presentation and to for chapbook purchase.

NFSPS, Inc. will design and publish a chapbook containing, at the editor's discretion, the four poems from each of the three prizewinners. NFSPS will publish the prizewinning entries in a 6" by 9"
chapbook that it will market on NFSPS, Inc., the publisher, will receive all proceeds from sales. NFSPS reserves first printing rights, which then revert to the authors.
Each winner will receive 25 complimentary copies of the chapbook to give family or friends, or to sell while they are at the convention.

For additional information, contact Joseph Cavanaugh, BBP3 Chair, at