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NFSPS Annual Poetry Contest Encore

In this 2018 edition of Encore, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies presents the top 150 prize-winning poems selected from nearly 7,000 submissions from states across the U.S., as well as the United Kingdom and Canada. The 50 contests challenged authors to write in many poetic forms, such as rondeau, trimeric, terza rima sonnet, minute, and villanelle. They also provoked fresh, personal interpretations of wide-ranging themes. The 2018 anthology is a collection to savor.


C. U. P. Competpetition    
Edna Meudnt Memorial
MeudtThis debut poetry collection by Iryna Klishch has been called “a little book by a big talent.” It is the work of a young poet mature beyond her years who explores writing “viciously, savagely well.” In her own eclectic style, Klishch scatters words and phrases across a page or molds them into couplets, a narrow column, a prose block--all connected by glimpses of sun. The look of her poetry is as unique as its myriad subjects and its singularly creative author. A Monster the Size of the Sun is the winner of the 2018 NFSPS College Undergraduate Poetry (CUP) Competition and Edna Meudt Memorial Award.
C. U. P. Competition
Kahn Memorial
KahnRooted in her Dominican Republic heritage, Miami-born Catherine Valdez is a “voice of an island, a people, one person--there, or transplanted over generations.” She finds inspiration for her award-winning poetry collection from the narrative of immigrant identity and its ties to the Caribbean island’s millennia of colonial rule. Both elegiac and edgy, her deeply personal poems mingle traces of history with timeless and universal messages. Valdez has gained international and national recognition for her writing, including the 2018 National Federation os State Poetry Societies Kahn Award, presented for Imperial Debris. This gifted young poet is completing degrees in creative writing and psychology at Columbia University.
Stevens Manuscript StevensAmy Schmitz's manuscript, Border Crossing, begins in Africa, where she served in the Peace Corp, crossing cultural as well as national borders. “I started to look at borders metaphorically as well,” Schmitz says, “borders we have in relationships, spiritual borders, social borders, borders related to gender, the huge border between life and death—and all it takes to cross those borders.” Erin Belieu, Director of the Creative Writing Program at Florida State University, the contest judge, says the poems are “vivid and expectation-bending.” “These poems,” Bilieu adds, “expose the ways in which both people and conflict are shaped by the places that they exist in.” She concludes by saying, “Schmitz’s poems sing out with . . . potential in order to create an entirely new landscape that, as readers, we can’t help but take great pleasure in inhabiting.”
  "I wanted to find a way to express how geography is linked with fate and what it takes for us as humans to reach beyond borders toward one another.”  
                                                       Amy Schmitz

BlackBerryPeach BBP3The Blackberry Peach awards are for written and spoken prize winning poems selected in a national competition annually by the National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS). This book contains the four prize winners in written and spoken poetry for 2018.
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