National Federation of State Poetry Societies
Annual Poetry Contest Rules
(Read carefully. Any violation will disqualify entry.)


1. Any poem submitted must:

a. be the original work of the contestant, unpublished in any form, including electronically and placed on exhibition, not under consideration or accepted for publication.
    (Award will be recalled if a winning poem is found to be in    violation of rules before publication in the NFSPS anthology of prize poems, and lower prizes and honorable
    mentions will move up in classification);

b. be written in English, be titled, unless the poem is a haiku or another form that is supposed to be untitled;

c. have a 40 line limit (printed lines) for all contests not stating line limit;

d. be typed or computer generated (not handwritten or hand printed) without illustrations.

2. Poets give NFSPS exclusive first printing rights to all poems entered in the NFSPS Annual Contests. Poems winning a     cash prize of $15 or more will be printed in the NFSPS
    prize poems anthology, Encore, at the discretion of the Editor.     The Editor reserves the right to alter line breaks in poems having more than 50 characters per line, including
    punctuation marks and spaces. Printing rights revert to the poet after the anthology is published (approx. August of 2018). Printing rights  to poems winning less than $15 (or no prize)
    revert to the poet after the list of winners is published in the August, 2018 NFSPS newsletter, Strophes. All prize winners will be notified, and others may obtain a list of winners in August,
    2018 by sending $1 and a #10 SASE to:

    Paul Ford, Strophes Editor
    10239 Hickory Point Dr.
    Sandy, UT 84092
No poems will be returned, so poets should retain copies.

3. An eligible poem may not be withdrawn after submission.

4. Except as indicated in Contest 1, NFSPS Founders Award, contestants may submit only one entry in any contest, and may not submit the same poem in any other contest.

5. Check or money order enclosed must be made payable to NFSPS, Inc. (initials sufficient) rather than to any individual.

a. Non-members may enter most contests at $1 each (except $5 for each entry in Contest 1 NFSPS Founders Award). Non-members may not enter contests marked with an
    asterisk, * and which are designated members only.

b. Members may enter up to 10 contests for $1 per poem or $10 total for entry in more than 10 contests (except for Contest 1-NFSPS Founders Award, which is $5 per poem).

c. Entrants from outside the U.S. must send checks drawn on U.S. banks or branches, payable in U.S. funds, or send U.S. currency.

6. First Prize winner in Contest 1 NFSPS Founders Award is not eligible to enter that contest the following year. (NFSPS Founders Award only.)

7. Judges will be selected by NFSPS, Inc. No ties will be awarded, and the decisions of the judges will be final.

8. When to submit poems:

a. Contest starting date: entries must not be postmarked before January 1, 2018;

b. Contest deadline: entries must be postmarked by March 15, 2018.

9. "Members Only" eligible if a paid-up member of a state society, listed in alphabetical membership roll mailed by a state society along with NFSPS dues to:

Lucille Morgan Wilson, NFSPS Treasurer
2325 61st Street
Des Moines, IA 50322

by January 15, 2018 and updated as required by the Contest deadline. (E-mail:

10. How to submit poems:

a. Send two copies of the poem, typed, photocopied, or computer-generated, on 8.5" x 11" white paper (no onion skin or tissue), in black ink, single-spaced. If the poem
    requires more than one page, staple together at the top left corner all pages of each copy.

b. On both copies, place number and name of contest in upper left corner.

c. On second copy only, put name, address, phone number, and E-mail address of poet, state society membership or "NON-MEMBER" in upper right corner. If a poem
    requires more than one page, number pages also on upper right corner (both copies).

d. Separate originals from duplicates and stack in numerical order (1-50) with originals on top. Count them.

e. Prepare a 3" x 5" lined file card (leave first line blank) and list poet's name, address, phone number, E-mail address (if available), state society membership (or "NON-MEMBER").
    List on the card the number, but not the title of each contest you are entering. List the total number of poems sent. Do NOT staple the card to entries or to entry fee.

f. Mail all entries at one time, unfolded, in a large envelope, including the file card and entry fee. Mail to the Contest Chair by First Class, Priority Mail or any form of delivery that does
    NOT require a signature upon receipt.

Mail Entries to:

Susan Maxwell Campbell, Contest Chairman at:
115 North Wisteria
Mansfield, TX 76063-1835
or email NFSPS Contest Chair

The NFSPS, Inc. will not assume mailing costs and will not be responsible for any entries lost or delayed in the mail.

National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Inc.